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If you want to go to one of the Schengen countries, Do you require the assistance of a reputable consultant organization to manage your visa application process? Giant Migration can assist you right now.

The Schengen Travel Visa is your ticket to Europe, regardless of why you’re going. Non-Europeans can travel to the Schengen countries in Europe for three to six months with a Schengen Travel Visa. Giant Migration guides you through the Schengen visa application process, helping you understand all of your options and providing the best guidance. The Schengen VISA is a temporary visa that allows you to travel within the Schengen Zone to countries like Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Lithuania.

Tourist Schengen Visa – Visiting Europe for the First Time

A Tourist Schengen Visa allows citizens of third countries to enter the Schengen Area for up to 90 days in a 6-month period for the purpose of traveling or visiting Europe for leisure. When visiting Europe for tourism, who requires a tourist Schengen visa?

Non-European persons interested in visiting Europe for tourism may be needed to apply for a Schengen visa under the “tourist” category.

You must apply for a Schengen Visa with the Embassy of the member state where you will be staying, specifying the duration and purpose of your visit. The visa must be obtained from the embassy of the country whose border you will pass first. The two types of VISAs are listed below:

Visa with a single entry

People frequently misunderstand a single-visit visa, believing that it only allows them to visit one or two countries. A single entry visa allows the holder to visit the Schengen countries just once and for a certain time. If they leave the country, they will not be allowed to return, even if they have not spent the required amount of time there.

Visa with several entries

A multi-entry visa, as the name suggests, allows the applicant to enter and depart the Schengen Member States as many times as they choose, as long as the 90/180 rule is followed.

How long does the visa last?

A tourist visa is usually only valid for up to 90 days. It is recommended that you fill up the “multiple entry” gap in the application form if you will be travelling extensively and not only in one Schengen nation. This way, you’ll be able to enter and exit the Schengen Zone whenever you choose for the duration of your visa.

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