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British Tourist Visa

In Kuwait, Giant Migration is a top-rated UK Visitor Visa provider. We can assist you in obtaining a tourist visa from anywhere in the world. A Non Immigrant Tourist Visa must be sought for from the country of residency for authorization to enter the United Kingdom for business exploration, vacation, or to see family members. Tourist visas are usually issued for short periods of time and for single or numerous entries. A tourist visa holder is subject to a number of limitations, including job, study, and length of stay. Work is not permitted, and only a few short-term study programs are available.

Things You Can Do On a Tourist Visa

  1. The UK Government allows business exploration on a Tourist Visa.
  2. As a tourist, you can buy products and negotiate contracts with UK companies; do fact-finding expeditions, double-check details, or inspect goods; and
  3. Will only be trained through observation and classroom teaching.
  4. Attend conferences, trade shows, and seminars;
  5. Transport things from afar, such as if you’re an international lorry driver;
  6. Serve as a representative for a foreign machine maker while installing, servicing, or repairing machinery; (As part of a contract of purchase and supply, you may install machinery that is too large to be delivered in one piece)
  7. Work for a UK firm as an adviser or consultant; (You must be working overseas, either directly or under contract, by the same company or group of firms as the client firm.)
  8. Go to provide particular training; (The training must be for a specific purpose, not go beyond classroom instruction and must not be readily available anywhere else in the UK.)
  9. Present at a conference or seminar as a guest speaker; (This must be a single or occasional event and not a commercial venture that you are part of.)
  10. Act as an expert when speaking with UK business people about international export requirements;
  11. Dress yourself like a sportsperson or performer for tryouts or auditions, or for non-performance-related personal appearances.

Overview of UK Tourist Visas

To visit the United Kingdom, you can apply for a Standard Visitor visa. You can take a vacation or visit family and friends, participate in sports or other creative activities, or obtain private medical care for business objectives.

The only sort of visa required for all of the above purposes is a normal visiting visa. 

How Does Giant Migration Aid You?

  1. Reviewing and identifying all needed documents and supporting proof for submission.
  2. Presenting the whole case, including all supporting paperwork and evidence.
  3. Providing numerous counseling sessions to assist the client in preparing for the interview at Visa Processing.
  4. Maintaining contact with the Visa Office and handling all visa communications relevant to the client’s case with the Visa Office.

Keeping track of the client’s case throughout the procedure to guarantee that the visa is issued on schedule. All further written and/or oral representations to the Processing Visa Office, associated authorities, and other agencies, as deemed essential by the firm.

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