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Do you wish to make a decent living in Canada, your ideal country? With the aid of Giant Migration, you may receive your work visa for Canada quickly. With the assistance of pros, get everything done quickly. Canada has a small population and frequently needs workers. The country often recruits skilled, unskilled, and other laborers to fill open positions in a range of areas. As a result, foreigners can easily get a work visa and reside in the nation permanently or temporarily.

There are two fundamental procedures to obtain a work permit:

  1. Get work permits in Canada for International Experience Canada based on the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) (IEC)
  2. Temporary employees can stay in the nation for up to four years on a single work permit, which must be renewed every four years.

Employers in the nation must get an LMIA, which a document is granted by Employment and Social Development Canada that authorizes foreign workers to work in Canada due to a shortage of Canadian workers in a specific area. The process of obtaining an LMIA is quite straightforward. Employers and get the job done quickly. They should just concentrate on having all of the essential documentation. A worker can work in Canada on a work permit for a total of four years, including all extensions.

  1. The foreign national’s labor in Canada helps Canadian people or permanent residents in social, cultural, or economic ways.
  2. The activity of the foreign nationals in Canada is linked to a bilateral agreement between Canada and one or more nations.
  3. The work of the foreign national is done while they are studying in Canada.

Another immigration scheme is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, which permits firms in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces — Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island — to hire foreign nationals to fill jobs that they can’t fill locally. All major candidates arriving in Canada as part of the pilot programs must have a work offer from a designated company as well as a tailored settlement plan for themselves and their families.

With the aid of Giant Migration in Kuwait, you may secure your work visa quickly and easily. Giant Migration is a leading provider of immigration and visa consultancy services in Canada. Thousands of Canadian visa applications have been processed by our experts, and we have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process.

Among our offerings are:

  • Our coaching services will help you ace the standardized examinations used to evaluate your visa applications.
  • Using the Canada Immigration Points Calculator, determine your eligibility to work in Canada.
  • While filling out the visa application form, you will receive complete support and instruction.
  • Our Canada immigration specialists will provide free advice on how to start the process, the employment you should hunt for, and so on.
  • Our immigration consultants provide free seminars about Canada employment, immigration, and other topics to assist you in achieving your professional goals.
  • Assistance with gathering evidence documentation
  • If necessary, prepare for a visa interview.

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