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Are you applying for Canada PR? Did you check whether your occupation is in demand?

Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai

Canada, as many might not know, often faces a labor shortage that ended up creating hundreds of job opportunities. These are available for skilled, semi-skilled, and aspiring foreign workers alike however- some of the occupations are available and are classified as in-demand job opportunities. Well, in-demand jobs are found in all industries in Canada ranging from healthcare, IT professionals to truck drivers and more. Even if you are planning to move to Canada and are applying for PR, you need to understand that because some provinces and territories have different market needs and programs. Having so many streams created helps close the pending labor gap in each sector, which later helps support Canada’s economy.

You must understand that each territory, hence, has its own personalized PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) with various programs and sub-categories that focus on skill sets and specific occupations. Now, immigration candidates having years of experience working in any occupation will be eligible to apply for a Canadian PR (Permanent Residence) visa in Canada’s express entry system. Canada has both provincial and federal economic immigration journeys, each with unique work experience.

The federal skilled worker class, Canadian experience class, and federal skilled trade class are three of the nation’s main federal passage that leads one to permanent residence. Now, this pit of applicants for all three programs is managed by the Express Entry System. Express entry’s CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) that help determine an applicant’s position in the pool considering the amount of time or maybe equivalent part-time and work experience. If you are wondering how to know if your occupation is in demand or not, having a trusted Canadian immigration consultant in Dubai will be beneficial.

Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai

The applicant’s actual occupation is not considered by the comprehensive ranking system and doesn’t affect who is invited to apply for the PR via the express entry system. There are processes to check your eligibility and check the demand for the occupation on the website and even the pool.

Let’s understand the provincial nominee programs, work experience in a certain occupation is required by numerous PNS (provincial nominee streams) some of them are actually linked to EES (Entry Express System). Such programs allow the applicant’s territory to nominate foreign professionals or workers with the required work experience for Canadian PR. Many operators on the expression of interest system need all candidates to register the profile with the provincial nominee program including express entry candidates.

The occupation in-demand and express entry programs are designed for those who have experience and education in the occupation that is on the in-demand list. It is important to understand that eligible applicants must fall under the NOC (National Occupational Classification) levels: Job that requires university education, Management, and Jobs that require apprenticeship training.

Well, considering all that, you can have our expertise on board with you to ensure a smooth journey for you. Unlike other companies, we at Giant Migration, have the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai that will be offering you excellent immigration programs.


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