Studying overseas and living abroad is something that most of us dream about at some point in life. It is magical, no doubt, but it can help you in many ways too! Mixing in with different cultures

Preparing for a successful future begins at an early stage of life. Students are offered a wide variety of options and opportunities to explore and choose as their career. To widen the horizons and experience something new

New Zealand has one of the world's most relaxing and rewarding lifestyle. Salaries tend to be competitive, the economy is generally stable, and immigration rules are outlined. And in addition to this, you'll find it to be

Are you willing to immigrate to Australia after your studies? Here are the rules you need to know about the Subclass 485 post-study work visa in Australia. Every student planning to go outside India for studies does

COVID-19 pandemic has caused an upheaval worldwide. Canada’s economy is no different. However, it is fast healing from COVID-19. Stats suggest that about 419, 000 new jobs were added, ever since the economy gradually revived. When Canada

Canada revived about 55 percent of the lost jobs. The percentage depicts data according to the Labor Force Survey, recorded from April till July. About 419,000 jobs were solely created in July. A surge of 2.4% as

Preparing for the future is a stage that is equal parts exciting and scary. This is majorly because there are several options to choose from. Most students opt to pursue their higher education in foreign countries. Whether


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