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Canada Revives Most Jobs Lost due to Coronavirus

Canada revived about 55 percent of the lost jobs. The percentage depicts data according to the Labor Force Survey, recorded from April till July. About 419,000 jobs were solely created in July. A surge of 2.4% as compared to the previous month. The recent Statistics Canada Survey of payrolls, hours, and jobs suggest that economic downturn is gradually shaping up and reviving.  It was also noted that most of the job recorded were part-time. Data also suggests that as compared to men, the employment rate of women were higher. 

Employment Levels of Immigrations and Visible Minorities

Unemployment has dropped down to 10.9%, still 2.2 million people in Canada are still unemployed. The unemployment rate, for those who fall in the age category of 15 to 69 were 11.3%. According to the Statistics Canada, higher unemployment rate is observed for visible minorities, this may be majorly due to an escalated concentration in the food services and retail industry. 

The immigrants have started to see an improvement in the employment rate with a 2.1% employment increase, third month in a row. Canada also welcomed new permanent residents in June. As compared to the last year, during the same period about 34,000 new immigrants were admitted in Canada, during the same period last year. 

It is not the same everywhere

It is no rocket science to understand that a country with different districts admitting various different skilled migrants, is sure to have its own journey. Employment rate has seen a surge in a few provinces while others are still managing to stay just afloat. All provinces except New Brunswick witnessed an increase in the employment. Statistics suggests that the employment rate surged to about 97.4 percent in July which was earlier 85.4 percent in February. The difference is small yet remarkable during these uncertain times. 

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Canada conducts a detailed and in-depth strenuous survey which is done to assess the overall Canadian labor. The Labor Force Survey clearly reflected upon all the changed and happenings between July 12 and July 18. The Canadian businesses and all the workplaces started to operate and still continue to do so till date. The preventive measures are all well adhered to. Social distancing is maintained as much as possible, restrictions on large gatherings are strictly adhered to with ensuring everyone uses Coronavirus safety kit, mask, gloves or any other preventive gear. Canada has also extended travel restriction for travelers until July. This step is taken in wake of the Coronavirus scare, to protect any outside infiltrations. Although Canada was hit hard, yet it has slowly started to revive. In no time students will also come into action in the reviving economy.

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