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COVID-19 Pandemic: Immigration Norms Eased With Some Modifications

A global pandemic, COVID-19 has hit the world. There is no denying the fact that an unprecedented impact is clearly visible on all walks of life. All different businesses, places, and business verticals are affected by this health crisis. To understand the severity of the situation take a look at your own life. The change in lifestyle from outgoing to home-bound, weekend parties to home-cooked food, is a clear indication of the impact. This infectious disease is transmitted through droplets of an infected person’s cough, sneezes or exhales. This is the prime reason behind adoption of social distancing.

In order to keep the situation under control (as much as possible), and to contain the spread of the virus, various jurisdictions have been implemented and new measures have been imposed by governments.

Each country has come up with its own ways to fight the virus. Every government is doing what is best for their country. This is the reason behind immigration restrictions imposed by various countries. People who wish to migrate to Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, but are unsure of the future demand for skilled labor, let us clear the air. The demand for skilled labor is sure to rise and not die down for atleast the next five years.

While the scope as well as the extent of the restrictions on the immigration grounds are unprecedented, it is important to note that overall the worldwide response has been more or less the same. The immigration restrictions have been waived off, some necessary health precautions have been imposed, it seems like they are here to say. However, these minor health restrictions are nothing to worry.

  • Nearly all the jurisdictions have imposed restrictions on entry and exit of an individual. Although, these norms are now easing up slowly, with economies opening up and life slowly getting back to normal.
  • Some countries have gone as far as imposing a temporary prohibition of entry of the non-citizens and the non-residents.
  • Nearly all jurisdictions have introduced health screening procedures at the entry of airports.
  • Jurisdictions hold the right to deny entry to a passenger if he fails to fulfil the minimum health requirement.
  • Most jurisdictions have introduced a mandatory quarantine period that travellers must adhere to when travelling from affected regions.
  • Health officials fighting on the front lines have advised against the nonessential international travel, especially to the places where the outbreak is severe.
  • It is important that you stay up-to-date with the government websites, they regularly update the latest immigration norms and changes that are upheld by the government.

COVID-19 pandemic is a constantly changing event. Individuals who wish to travel for various reasons must know all the rules that the government of the host, as well as the destination country, has laid out. If you are an employer, foreign worker, international students or a foreign entrepreneur who wishes to travel back to the workplace or wishes to return to the home country, Giant Migration can help you. We are a licensed immigration company based in Dubai, UAE, helping people make the necessary shift in their life. With over 6 years of experience and branches across the globe, namely, Australia, India, New Zealand, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Vietnam, we can help you live your dream of settling abroad in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

During this difficult time of the pandemic, we are here to help you with your immigration process. Reach out to us, and contact us for consultancy.


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