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Guide To International Experience Canada Application Process

International Experience Canada or IEC is a program by the Government of Canada. This program extends the opportunity to work in Canada to the 18-35-year-old travelers, from the selected 33 countries. 

IEC Work Permit Categories:

There are majorly three IEC work permit categories:

Working Holiday Permit or WHP –This open and flexible work permit extends a chance to work as well as travel in Canada, depending on your nationality. It essentially suggests that you wouldn’t have to look for a job prior to applying for it. You can work for any employer until your work permit is valid.

Young Professionals or YP – It is an employer-specific work permit. In this type, you are provided with the opportunity to obtain valuable work experience in Canada for 1 or 2 years which will help for your professional development and should fall under skill set 0, A or B. You must have a job offer ready prior to applying for this work permit, provided it should meet Labor Laws in the province you got the opportunity

International Co-op or Internship – This category is for students who wanted to have a workplace or internship in Canada. You will be given the chance to attend a six-month, one-year, or two-year internship in Canada. Your field of studies must hold a clear association with this internship, and you must find a suitable employer before your trip in your related field of study.

IEC Eligibility Criteria : Here is an overview of all the steps involved to apply for IEC.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

  •  To apply for any application under the IEC category, the first step is always to know the eligibility criteria.
  • Once you checked your eligibility criteria, based on your answers the system will confirm which category you are eligible for then, you need to create a free online IEC profile.

  • Profile submission and Work Permit Application:

  • Submit the profile, choose IEC pools which you are meeting the requirement. 
  • You will be provided 10 days of time to start the application if you receive an invitation via your account, to apply.
  • You will have 20 days to complete, pay the fees, and submit the application after you start your work permit application. 

  • The next two steps apply only to Young Professional and Co-op categories :

  • During the 20-day period, the employer must make the payment of Can$230. It is the employer compliance fee that must be made through the Employer Portal. 
  • After successful payment of fees, the employer should send an employment number. This number is required for you to apply for the work permit. 
  • Next step, upload the required documents like Police certificate and medical certificates, etc. In case you don’t have the documents, you can upload a proof that clearly shows you have applied to undertake a medical exam, or that you have sent a request for a police certificate.
  • Can$153 is the participation fee that you must pay with a credit card online through the IRCC account. Other fees include Can$85 for biometrics, Can$100 for Working Holiday Open Work Permit, if applicable. 

  • Biometrics:

  • In case required, you will be asked to send a biometrics instruction letter via IRCC account, post your application submission. You will then have around 30 days to submit your biometrics at a Visa Application Centre.

  • IEC Work Permit Assessment:

  • It might take somewhere around 56 days for the work permit application assessment. You might be asked to share some additional documents in this regard. 
  • In case due to any reason you wish to withdraw from IEC, this is your last chance. Post this no refund on the participation fee, employer compliance fee, or any other fee will be allowed or entertained. 
  • IRCC will then send a Port of Entry Letter to the account. Your application process is now complete, you must bring this letter with you to Canada. 

Please know that there’s only one official website to apply for an IEC work permit—the Government of Canada website: Canada.ca/iec-international. Take one step towards your dream with International Experience Canada application. 


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