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How to Apply for Spouse Sponsor Visa From UAE for Canada?

apply for Spouse Sponsor Visa from UAE for Canada

Canada is well-known for being one of the most welcoming countries in the world towards immigrants. The country was built by immigrants. Workers in Canada enjoy shorter hours. Canadian residents do not have to fuss about massive medical bills. All these factors along with many others have made the country an attractive place for migrants.

Amongst many ways to get into the country, one is a spouse sponsor visa. Canadian spouse sponsor visa is the way through which a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their spouse to come to Canada and reside in a country filled with a plethora of opportunities. Moreover, a spouse sponsor visa is considered on priority because the government and authorities are well aware of how important family is for a person.

Time taken

The spouse sponsor applications take about 12 months to process. They are not processed faster than 12 months but can surely take longer, based on the nature of your case.


The following things fall in the must category-

● Must be at least 18 years old
● Live in Canada, or planning to return to Canad
● Are willing to provide for the basic financial necessities of your spouse or partner for an initial period of three years
● Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation q
● Marriage certificate
● Wedding proofs like photos
● Birth certificates or adoption records for children
● Proof of registration of marriage with a government authority
● Proof that you and your spouse own property together
● Shared bank accounts, if any
● Copies of government-issued IDs
● Similar address proofs

apply for Spouse Sponsor Visa from UAE for Canada


The following steps will help you apply for the visa:

  1. Firstly you need to get the application package which include- document checklist for you and the spouse who is required to fill out the instruction guide to help you and your family members fill out the forms correctly. The sponsorship application fee for processing your application is non-refundable.

Steps to be followed:

  • instruct your family members’ application for them
  • review on their application status
  • request permission and provide the right forms with the application

  1. Paying the application fees is the next step which includes processing fees for you, the spouse and their dependants which needs to be submitted with the right of permanent residence fee and the biometrics fee.

3. Next step is Submitting your application – You can courier your application, if you want to. Courier services will help you track your application. However, You can also mail it.

4. Sending the additional information during processing is the next step which requires the person being sponsored to submit their biometric.

COVID-19: Changes to biometrics requirements and collection procedures

Temporary criteria have been added for biometrics requirements and collection procedures including medical exams, police certificates, etc.

This complicated process can be made easy with the help of professionals. If you too are looking for expert guidance then quickly reach the best Canada immigration agency in Dubai. A team of professionals works to make the process swift and quick. Reach the best and get ready to fly to your dream country with ease and comfort.


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