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Know all about Federal Skilled Trades Immigration Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Immigration Program is different from the Federal Skilled Worker Program. While the latter deals with the immigration of skilled workers, the former is about the immigration of skilled trade workers belonging to the field of manufacturing and other industrial sectors. This work does not necessarily require a qualification unlike federal skilled worker program.

If you are someone who wishes to go and settle in Canada under FSTP, then get in touch with the best agency in Dubai for Canada immigration as immigration consultants can help you in understanding the immigration procedure properly and make your immigration smoother. Find out what all you need to have and do in order to immigrate under the Federal Skilled Trades Immigration Program in the sections given below:

Minimum Requirements for this Program

To be eligible for this program, a candidate must meet with the minimum requirements which are as follows:

CIC to Launch New Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST) in January 2013
  • The candidate must meet with the minimum language level for every language ability that includes writing, reading, speaking and listening
  • The applicant must have a minimum oftwo years of work experience(full-time) in any skilled trade within the five years before application
  • One must meet with the job requirements for the skilled trade as set in the NOC
  • The applicant must have:
  • a legal job offer for employment (full-time) for at least one year
  • Certificate of qualification in the respective skilled trade issued by Canadian Provincial, Federal or Territorial authority.

Skilled Work Experience

Skilled trades for the Federal Skilled Trades Program are organized under the groups of N.O.C listed below:

  • Major Group 72 – Electrical, Construction,and Industrial trades
  • Major Group 73 – Equipment Operation&Maintenance Trades
  • Major Group 82 – Technical and Supervisors jobs in natural resources, agricultural &related production
  • Major Groups 92 – Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators
  • Minor Group 632 – Chefsand Cooks
  • Minor Group 633 – Butchers and Bakers

In the lead statement of the occupational description, one must show that they have performed the duties related to the respective skills. If the candidate is unable to show the experience meeting the description in the NOC, the application will be rejected.

You can find all about the NOC code, title, and skill level of your job with the Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. Finding all of it on your own can be a little problematic but with a professional guidance, you can do so without any extra effort.


For the Federal Skilled Trades Program, there is no mandatory education requirement. However, the candidates can improve their rank in the Express Entry Pool by:

  •  If the candidate has been to school in Canada, they can get points for the certificate, degree or the diploma
  • If the candidate has got foreign education, they can get points only if they have an Educational Credential Assessment which is equivalent to their completed diploma, degree or certificate from a Canadian education institution

Language Ability

The candidate must meet with the minimum score of CLB 5 for speaking and listening and CLB 4 for writing and reading. The candidates are also required to take approved tests for reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Once the candidates get their test results, they are required to enter them in the Express Entry Profile.

Remember: The language tests are valid for two years from the date of test results. The test results must be valid when the candidates apply for their Permanent Residence. For all information related to language tests, you need to connect with the best agency in Dubai for Canada immigration so that they can help you with the complete terms and steps related to language tests.

Proof of Funds

Unless the candidate is working legally in Canada or has a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, they need to show their proof of funds to prove that they have ample money with them to support themselves and their family for settling down in Canada.

Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai can guide the applicants to walk through the complete immigration procedure and help them in a smooth and hassle-free immigration. For the complete understanding of Federal Skilled Trades Immigration program, get yourself connected with the best agency in Dubai for Canada immigration.


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