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Top Things to Consider Before Immigrating from Dubai to New Zealand

Immigrating from Dubai to New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its picturesque coastline and all the more stunning mountains. But that is not the only spectacular thing about New Zealand. In addition to its rich culture and unique way of living, New Zealand has always attracted several people to come and settle in this iconic multicultural land. People want to settle in New Zealand for numerous reasons, right from work related opportunities to family migration. An individual needs to consider a lot of factors while moving to another country. Have a look at the list given below to know what are the factors that one must consider before moving out: 

  • What are the opportunities available for you and your family there? One has to consider work opportunities, education and lifestyle opportunities before moving abroad. 
  • The cost of living is an important aspect of settling in New Zealand. 
  • You will also have to ensure your earning in New Zealand as well. The earning, the respective income tax, another essential charges etc. 
  • If you will be buying a home or renting an apartment, you should ensure the cost of the same. 

Before anything else, you will have to find out if you are eligible to settle down in New Zealand. To know about your eligibility, you should consult New Zealand Immigration consultants in Dubai. 

While you may consider to do all of it on your own but with proper guidance and support, you can get convenient immigration. There are many aspects of immigration and tackling everything on one’s own can get quite troublesome. However, with the help of skilled and trained immigration consultants, the entire immigration process can become extremely effortless. 

What Do You Need for Moving to New Zealand?

If you have made a decision to settle in New Zealand, there are certain things that you will have to prepare. Explore the listed points below to know what all you need to prepare if you wish to move to NZ: 

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Keep Your Documents in Place 

The first thing that you need to ensure is the documents and the certified copies of documents of you and your family. The documents include: 

  • Medical records, vaccination certificates, dental records, etc. 
  • Degree certifications/ qualifications
  • Certification of registration licensing you for certain jobs
  • References that can describe your skills, character, work experience 

There can be other documents too which are required for your immigration. The New Zealand Immigration consultants in Dubai can help you in preparation of all the documents for a smooth immigration. 

Getting Your Resume Ready 

For working in New Zealand, you will require a CV as well. You should start working on a CV and if you have a family member who plans to work in NZ, you should work on their CV as well. 

Keep Your Alternatives Ready 

When you move to NZ, if you don’t already have a job, you will have to be prepared in that case. Bring in your savings with you in order to survive for the time being. It may take some time to get your hands on a new job. 

However, it is recommended to move to abroad only when you have a job at hand. 

Evaluate Your Qualifications 

If you are having any tertiary qualifications, you should get them evaluated with the NZQA – New Zealand Qualifications Authority. 

You can also take help of New Zealand Immigration consultants in Dubai beforehand to ensure all your qualifications and documents are correct. 

These are the factors that one should consider before moving to New Zealand. For complete information regarding moving out, consider seeking professional help from NZ immigration consultants. 


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