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Australia is a unique country, the territory occupied by the whole homonymous continent along with Tasmania and several islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. For thousands of years, the mysterious Great Southern Land, developed in isolation from the influence of the outside world, Terra Incognita has formed a fantastic world of flora and fauna. 20% of the species of the Australian fauna are endemic, that is, you will not meet them outside the lands of the Green Continent.

Australia is the home of the marsupial squad, and the well-known jumping symbol of the country, the handsome kangaroo proudly holds a shield on the country’s national emblem paired with a non-volatile, but incredibly fast “bird” emu.

Australia is impressive, amazing, attracts travelers, thrill-seekers, and extreme lovers to its distant shores. As part of tours to Australia, you will receive some of the best conditions on the Planet for surfing and diving, as well as exploring our lesser friends and the plant world.

Australia Climate

When planning a tour to Australia, it is worth considering the climatic features of the country. Travel to Australia – a trip to the other side of the Planet, a trip to the country “upside-down.” The weather seasons, as the opposites of the “old world” suppose, have changed places – winter comes here in June, and summer starts in December.

Australia is located in 3 main warm climatic zones:

Subequatorial – Northern Australia (flat average annual air temperature 23-24 degrees, a large amount of precipitation 1000-1500 mm per year)

Tropical Center (the central part of the Australian continent is deserted, and the climate is appropriate – summer daytime temperatures reach +45, nighttime -4-6 degrees Celsius, low humidity)

Subtropical – South Australia (seasons stand out; in the Australian summer (December-February) the air temperature rises to 30 or more degrees Celsius, and in winter (June-August) it drops to an average of 10-15 degrees)

Australia Permanent Residency

Approximately 25% of people who have been resident in Australia for many years are not actually Australian citizens. These people, as a rule, have the status: “Foreign citizen who is granted an Australian permanent visa” ( lawful non-citizen ).

A permanent Australian visa is granted to a person once, is valid for life, and cannot be canceled (except in very rare cases ). Visa stamp (not visa), namely a scrap of sticky paper with watermarks pasted into the national passport of the holder of an Australian visa – this is only evidence of the presence of this person a grant to him by the Department of Immigration of Australia (DoHA) a permanent Australian visa.

The very “visa” is a virtual concept and may require a certificate of granting it to a person in the form of a visa stamp pasted in his passport, or maybe not. Any decision on granting a visa (or refusing to grant a visa) is recorded electronically in the database of the Department of Immigration of Australia (DoHA) and does not require any mark in the passport of the visa holder.

If for some personal (subjective) reason, the holder of an Australian permanent visa wants to visually admire a piece of paper in his current national passport, he needs to provide a national passport to any DoHA visa center and paste in his visa stamp as proof of his grant valid Australian visa.

Giant Migration offers you many detailed, refined cognitive travel programs to Australia along with a great opportunity to “tailor” an individual tour to Australia, especially for you, your whims, and interests. Among our offers, you will find trips for exploring the continent and a more in-depth study of certain territories.

Start planning your trip to Australia, and you will fall in love with the wonders that the Australian continent offers travelers.

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Giant Migration would also help you acquire a permanent or temporary work visa. Your employer would go through all the processes of requesting approval, authorizing a regional board, appointing an employee, and submitting a visa application.

Giant Migration meets your visa requirements by offering professional advice and guidance on the application process. Even if you’re a first-time tourist or want to stay or work in Australia, we give a free visa review and direct you through every phase of the application and an individual or family test to see if you meet the applicable requirements for an Australian visa.

Please book an appointment today with us to discuss your Visa options. During the consultation, we will be able to offer tailored recommendations based on your particular circumstances.

We are experienced and skilled in handling applications for primary visas and reviewing applications for all types of visas, but we do far more than that.

Get A Study Visa For Your Child’s Education In Australia

Studying in Australia is the right choice. Universities offer a considerable number of the most diverse programs, including dual undergraduate programs. Most double bachelor’s degrees are provided in the areas of humanities, commerce, law, and the exact sciences.

As mentioned earlier, studying at universities is quite complicated; therefore, Foundation training programs have been specially created for international students, lasting from six months to a year. Students study not only academic English but also several specialized subjects that will form the basis of training for a bachelor’s degree. Successful completion of the Foundation program guarantees admission to 1 course.

Higher education in Australia is based on the British system of education. But at the same time, it has some features associated with the university management system. All state educational institutions of the country receive permission to teach from the state, but federal nuances affect the development of curricula.

Studying in Australia is not only about lectures, seminars, or colloquiums. First of all, this is research and the development of practical experience. But this is not limited to it. Wherever you study, you will meet everywhere because the teaching staff regularly organizes any trips with cognitive goals to unusual places on the continent.

To enter the university for undergraduate studies, as well as for graduate studies, is possible directly without a preparatory year. But it all depends on your academic base.

Admission to the bachelor:

Since admission to a bachelor’s degree at an Australian university requires 12 years of secondary education, there are 2 options for Emiratis applicants:

Option 1: Admission to the Foundation program (1 year) after grade 11, then direct admission to the university.

Option 2: After grade 11, you need to study for 1 or 2 years at any UAE university and then go directly.

If you want to enroll in a magistracy, you will need a bachelor’s diploma from an Emiratis university.

Studying at the University of Australia is very interesting; the most difficult will always be the first year of study. Still, it is worth it to explore the beautiful Green Continent!

Australian university degrees are highly regarded throughout the world. Universities with international branches participate in student exchange programs. In this country, with a high standard of living, economic potential, and the need for various specialists, favorable migration policy is in place. After completing the undergraduate program, a student can get a work visa for two years—a promising area in the hospitality industry, which is actively developing in Australia.

Giant Migration company will help you choose the right educational institution and arrange all the necessary documents for successful enrollment. We conduct pre-testing to develop the most effective training program, organize study tours, and supervise students after admission, helping them to solve issues related to adaptation and education in Australia.

Could you leave a request or contact us by phone? Giant Migration experts will help you choose the right educational institution and program, apply for documents and a visa, prepare for admission and study, and successfully enroll.

Do You Wish To Work In Australia And Worrying About Securing A Work Permit? The Most Trusted And Reliable Immigration Consulting, Giant Migration In Dubai Would Help You Obtain An Australian Work Permit Without Any Hassle. Get In Touch Today!

Despite the introduction of automation and the latest technology, the number of jobs has increased by about 1 million in Australia over the past decade. Therefore, the Green Continent is one of the most popular areas of professional immigration. Unemployment is relatively low. The hardest thing to find work in Australia is the graduates of secondary schools. Unemployment among them is 7%. But among people who graduated from Australian universities and specialized professional courses, the indicator is 2.9 and 4.2%, respectively.

The basis of the Australian economy is three areas: agricultural, mining, and energy. Australia is a major supplier of grain, sugar, wool, meat, and wine. Here are some of the world’s largest deposits of bauxite, iron ore, zinc, and lead. The presence of natural resources such as uranium, coal, gas is the basis of the country’s energy sector. In this regard, specialists in these industries will always be in demand.

There are various work visas in Australia for people wishing to come for temporary and permanent work in the region.

Work visas provide the opportunity to work legally in Australia in a specialty on a permanent or temporary basis. The period of work depends on the type of visa chosen. Some permits are issued only once; others can be obtained several times in a row.

NOTE! Any Australia work visa requires a sponsor. You cannot apply for a visa without an invitation or contract for a specific job in Australia.

A work visa can be one of the ways to immigrate to Australia. In some areas of production, there is an acute shortage of qualified specialists, and often employers first invite the employee they need temporarily, and then they are ready to extend the contract and sponsor it for a permanent Australian visa.

A Job invitation is not enough to obtain an Australian work visa. Your potential employer must first obtain permission to sponsor the Department of Immigration, nominate you for a specific position, and only then can you apply for a visa.

A temporary work visa is intended for people who have an invitation to work in Australia from an employer. A sponsor employer can be either an Australian or a foreign company doing business in Australia.

A permanent work visa is intended for foreign workers with a high level of qualification, who have an invitation to work in Australia by profession and are fluent in English at a high level.

After obtaining a visa, an employee does not have the right to change his employer or work in another specialty for 2 years. A visa is considered permanent, so all social benefits of a resident (state insurance, child education subsidies, etc.) begin to apply immediately after moving to Australia. After 2 years of validity of the visa, subject to all its requirements, the resident status becomes independent, and the employee can freely decide on the transfer to another employer if desired.

Since this process is quite complicated, not every employer will agree to act as a sponsor, especially if he is not personally acquainted with a potential employee. Giant Migration represents the interests of employers and workers, accompanying the process at every stage. For some professions, we offer employment services and the search for a sponsor for an Australian work visa.

Learn more about the details of permanent work visas from our specialists.

How to find a sponsor in Australia?

Giant Migration will help you obtain a temporary or permanent work visa, and your employer will go through all the stages of obtaining permission, authorizing a regional commission, nominating an employee, and submitting a visa application. For a free assessment of your chances, use the questionnaire. You can also contact us on any of the contact details on the website.

For some professions, we provide a sponsor-employer search service in Australia.


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