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The Schengen Travel Visa requires citizens of non-European countries to tour Schengen countries in Europe for three months over six months. If you’re visiting friends and family or on a road trip, the Schengen visa is your ticket to Europe. Giant Migration Services will help you understand your choices and direct you through the Schengen visa application process through our specialized visa services.

Schengen Visa is a temporary visa for persons wishing to travel to European countries under the Schengen region. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Germany, Greece, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Nevertheless, you must always file for a Schengen visa at the member state’s embassy, which is your major destination for the length or intent of your stay. When no leading destination could be ascertained, the visa must first be applied for at the embassy of the Member State whose outer border the applicant first crossed.

Single Visa Entry

A single entry visa permits the applicant to visit the Schengen countries only once, within a specified period, as shown in the visa sticker attached to the passport. If the holder of the visa has left the Schengen area, he or she can no longer return, even though the number of days required by the embassy that granted the visa has not been spent there.

Several people mistake a single-visit visa, believing that it’s all about the number of countries which the bearer of a visa is allowed to visit and that it permits them to enter a single country. In truth, the area you are allowed to visit is similar to the “Valid for” tag on

your visa sticker, while the time you are allowed to remain is near to the “Number of entries” tag.

Multiple-entry Visa

​A multi-entry visa lets the holder enter and leave the Schengen member countries as many times as he or she wishes, so far they do not breach the 90/180 regulation.

National Visas

A national “D” classification visa is provided to certain persons who are to study, work, or permanently reside in one of the Schengen countries. A single entry national visa can be issued to persons in need of residency in the Schengen country for a particular time for the express aim of returning to their country.

Conversely, a multi-visit national visa is awarded to particular persons also, enabling its bearer to migrate to and from the Schengen nation as he/she wants and travel all across the Schengen area without other visa requirements.

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