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Canada is an independent federal state located in North America. She takes second place in the list of the largest countries in the world and is washed by the waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans.

The nature of Canada has one of the most diverse and rich landscapes. Here you can find the tundra, coniferous forests, endless steppes, and even taiga. The country is rich in long rivers, deep lakes, and powerful waterfalls. The official languages of the state are French and English. Still, due to the massive influx of tourists, you can find many other languages on the streets of resort towns, so the language barrier will not complicate tours of Canada. The country’s national currency is the Canadian dollar, and the capital of the state is Ottawa.

Possible Canada Tours

Canada is recognized as one of the best countries for ski resorts. Winter sports enthusiasts will appreciate the country’s stunning mountains and the opportunity to ride on the best slopes of the world. Fans of skis, snowboarding, and other entertainment come here because the prices for tours to Canada allow you to enjoy skiing in the snow-capped mountains. Vacationers who want to try extreme tours will appreciate the opportunity to ride kayaks, kayaks, visit the dense steppes, endless taiga, and even try to overcome the rapid flow of rivers. And unique landscapes and views will appeal to all nature lovers.

Giant Migration offers you several strategies for obtaining a tourist visa:

  • Tours and organized trips for people with an extensive tourist history
  • Invitation from family or friends
  • Invitation from Canadian Companies, business tours
  • Organization of attendance at professional seminars, conferences, and exhibitions
  • Escort of children in a summer, winter camp

The decision to issue a tourist visa is made by the Embassy of Canada in the applicant’s country of residence/citizenship. This decision is not made spontaneously but is based on several important factors: your solvency, employment in the state of residence, and also the confidence of the emigration officer that at the end of the visit, you will return to the country of residence.

The right strategy and well-designed documents increase your chances of getting a favorable decision.

Our statistics show that 8 out of 10 of our clients successfully received a tourist visa and were able to enter Canada without any problems or the grueling collection of unnecessary documents.

In cases of refusal, we resort to the appeal procedure using the CAIPS system, which allows you to access your file and the officer’s comments regarding the rejection, analyze the weaknesses of your application, and take appropriate measures to eliminate them.

A tourist in Canada has many opportunities to stay on Canadian soil legally: to take a language course and go to study at a higher educational institution; get a professional license or find an employer who will appreciate your skills; undertake a study visit to one of the provinces and receive her support in emigration; or if there is a motive, to surrender to refugee;

Permanent Residence In Canada

Having decided to immigrate to Canada, consider all possible options for obtaining a legal permit for permanent residence in this amazing country.

The Canadian government offers a number of federal and provincial programs that allow foreign applicants to obtain Permanent Resident status. The choice will depend on your individual goals, education, as well as professional and language skills.

Brief about immigration programs:

Federal Skilled Worker – Is focused on attracting qualified personnel with skills according to NOC 0, A, or B.

Federal Skilled Trades-Is a program for job professionals who have received job offers from Canadian companies.

Canadian Experience Class – designed for foreign workers and graduates of Canadian educational institutions with qualifications in Canada.

Provincial Program allows the various provinces of Canada to select immigrants per their economy and labor market independently.

Business Immigration – will be of interest to investors, private entrepreneurs, as well as owners of enterprises with business experience and significant net worth.

Family sponsorship – designed for individuals who can be sponsored by close relatives to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Caregiver – is a program for immigrants who have experience working in Canada to care for the elderly and children.

Refugee – The program grants refugee status to candidates whose request has been approved by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Humanitarian program – designed for applicants with exceptional cases who, due to specific difficulties, cannot immigrate to Canada for another of the existing programs.

Having permanent residence status in Canada, Permanent Residents are granted almost the same privileges as citizens of the country. This is an essential factor and advantage for newly arrived families.

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There are several almost guaranteed ways to immigrate to Canada. Immigration through school is one of the most reliable ways to become a permanent resident of Canada. Canada is known for its outstanding education system. Many Canadian universities and colleges are among the best educational institutions in the world. Also, the Canadian government is promoting Canadian education and is looking for foreign nationals willing to graduate in Canada.

For many reasons, international students are interested in studying in Canada – One of the leaders in terms of economic development, low crime rate, and high educational standards. The cost of education and accommodation is moderate, and the prospects for graduates are broad.

International graduates are ideal candidates for immigrating to Canada. They have the skills and knowledge needed in the Canadian labor market; they are fluent in the official languages of Canada. They are already familiar with life in the country. In 2020, Canada came in third in the world in the number of international students.

To increase your chances of immigrating through education in Canada, we recommend applying for a study program that lasts at least two academic years. This will allow you to apply for a work permit after graduation for a more extended period. It is also crucial that your studies be in a recognized institution ( Designated Learning Institution ), which participates in the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Most private colleges do not participate in the program, so graduating from such programs will not allow you to immigrate after graduation. You will not have a reason to get a work permit.

As an international student in Canada, you have the right to work part-time while studying. Currently, the Canadian government allows international students to work up to 20 hours a week.

If you are married or have a civil partner or dependent children, they can come with you to Canada! Spouses of international students can get an open work permit, and your children can get permission to study at a public school for the duration of your academic program.

Immigration through school is a lengthy process, but it is also the most smooth, since adaptation to a new country is gradual.

Our resource is an association of educational and immigration companies with a total experience in education and immigration with a duration of more than 10 years. Our consultants received education in Canada, sent children to courses and to study in schools and universities in this country, have certificates of international vocational education organizations (ICEF, Course of Education in Canada for Agents), the necessary licenses for consultations on visa and immigration issues (ICCRC).

We can be useful for you in choosing a study program (not only for selecting an educational institution but also in matters of vocational guidance and job prospects after completing studies in Canada) and enrollment in language schools, secondary and higher schools (both state and private), to colleges and universities. We have official representatives of more than 40 state universities in Canada.

We will be glad if the information collected on our resource is useful to you and helps to understand the initial training and immigration programs that are open in Canada. And we suggest you start your journey to Canada or continue it with us!

If you would like to know more about the prospects which study in Canada provides, and also the process of getting admitted in Canadian schools, please feel free to contact our consultant to discuss the potential outcomes and the necessary steps.



The Canadian economy is constantly in need of new workers. Local candidates do not fill all vacancies in the local labor market. That is why the Ministry of Immigration constantly issues work visas for foreigners who have found work in Canada. In addition, Canada is actively looking for people who have work experience in Canada, so immigration through work is a great way to get permanent residence in Canada.

There are several ways a foreigner can get a work permit in Canada. Immigration through work in Canada is possible in two main ways – through supporting the employer and obtaining work permits based on the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) as part of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program or through obtaining work permits in Canada for International Experience Canada (IEC), which is available to citizens of several countries.

In total, foreigners can work in Canada as temporary workers for a maximum of 4 years. (4 years after the end of the last hiring, you can work up to 4 years on a new one)

  1. An employer needs to get an LMIA (labor market impact assessment) in order to hire foreigners.

LMIA is a document issued by Employment and Social Development Canada / Service Canada, which allows the employer to hire foreign workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program scheme. The program allows employers to accept workers for short-term employment when there are not enough Canadians to carry out these duties. Needed to assess the impact of a potential hiring foreigner on a position for Canada.

FIRST – The employer must contact Employment and Social Development Canada / Service Canada and receive an application form for the LMIA. After flooding and submitting an application, the ESDC evaluates it according to a number of factors, including the level of remuneration, as well as the economic benefits for Canada of hiring a foreigner. After the official conclusion is given to the employer.


The validity of work permit in Canada

As a rule, LMIA is issued for a certain time, and a work permit is approved for the same time. Renewal of a work permit beyond the validity period issued by the LMIA will require the issuance of a new LMIA.

If workers are hired by the international mobility program, LMIA is not required. It implies mutual benefits for Canada and Canadians from hiring a foreign worker.The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is a new immigration program to Canada, launched in 2017. As part of this program, the federal government, together with the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, welcomes 2,000 new members and their families to the Atlantic Region of Eastern Canada in 2017.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program(AIPP)

The three-year pilot program was designed to bridge the scarcity of resources faced by various sectors and to help businesses attract and retain talented people from abroad. The program will also support population growth, promote the development of skilled labor, and increase employment in the region.

The pilot program is part of Atlanta’s overall growth strategy, which will focus on the following five priority areas:

  • Skilled labor and immigration;
  • Innovation;
  • Net growth and climate change;
  • Trade and investment;
  • Infrastructure.

This is an employer-oriented program conducted with significant participation from provincial employers.

As soon as the employer finds a candidate who meets the requirements and criteria of the program, he will first have to offer a job. Under this program, employers will not go through an assessment of positions in the labor market ( LMIA ).

Once a candidate has been hired, the employer will associate the candidate with the designated organization to assess needs and develop a resettlement plan

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program includes two programs for skilled workers:

  • Highly Qualified Atlantic Program (AHSP)
  • Atlantic Mid-Area Specialist Program (AISP)

and one program for international students:

Atlantic International Alumni Program (AIGP)

Required work experience, education, job offers depend on the individual filing of the applicant (served as an employee or a foreign graduate). The remaining requirements are the same for all types of applicants.

Giant Migration has extensive experience in the discovery of different types of visas to Canada and visas to other countries. We will be happy to help you organize your trip!

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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a pilot immigration program for foreign workers with various specialties who want to live and work in rural and remote northern communities * in the following provinces and territories of Canada: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, North Western Territories, Nunavut

There are two options for immigrating through the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Program:

  • You, as a candidate, should be of interest to the community and the employer. The community will contact you with a recommendation for immigration, and the employer will offer a job in Canada. This method is similar to the immigration program to the city of Morden (Manitoba).
  • You yourself are looking for work in the participating community (list below) . You must contact the community and the employer yourself to receive a recommendation and a job offer (you can find out how to look for work in Canada in our training course ) . This immigration option works like an Atlantic immigration pilot. And if you graduated from a Canadian college or university located in one of the communities, immigration through the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Program is easier for you!

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Canadian Visa For Investors

Canada welcomes business immigrants by offering excellent quality of life and social benefits for tax-free entrepreneurs. The government has developed a number of programs encouraging business and investment immigration, which have become widely used by businessmen to obtain high income and permanent resident status. At the moment, the investor program is temporarily closed but maybe resumed in the near future.

Canada’s investor visa is ideal for individuals who intend to make passive investments without any obligation to create a business with high net profit. Applicants must have the business acumen, preparedness, and necessary skills to invest in the country, contributing to the growth of its economy. A Canadian investor visa can also be obtained through the pilot program Immigrant Investor Venture Capital.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an official net income of at least 10 million Canadian dollars;
  • Be prepared to invest CAD $ 2 million over 15 years;
  • Have a sufficient level of English or French, confirmed by testing;
  • Have a Canadian diploma, postgraduate degree, certificate or certified foreign equivalent (the applicant may be exempted from the requirements for education if he Has a net worth of more than 50 million Canadian dollars);
  • Settle anywhere in Canada, excluding the province of Quebec.

The Government of Quebec offers its own program, which is a more attractive option for qualified immigrant investors who want to live in the provinces and obtain a permanent residence on the basis of passive investments.

Persons who have health problems or a criminal record are not allowed to apply for any of the investment programs.

Investor visa Canada is the most acceptable method of obtaining a residence permit for investors who seek to increase their income and are willing to contribute to the economic development of his new homeland.

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